MetroTex Association of  Realtors 2020 for the current Place 3 term
Matt Rinaldi - Former State Rep, HD 115
Rodney Anderson - Former State Rep, HD 105

Davin has ALWAYS been a solid supporter of Coppell family values and fiscal responsibility. He works hard and I trust him to do the right things for our community.  - Gary Tanel 

Recent Endorsements:

Lisa Armstrong
John & Kathleen Gutierrez   
Gary Tanel 
Joseph Scholz  
Sonal Tandale 
Scott and Debbie Spray  
Burgin Howdeshell
Anne Sisk  
Jeff Roller
Ronald Chu  
Judy Porter
Armando and Elizabeth Valdez  
Susan Fountain
Elena Blake  
Eugene Ralph Kelly Paulsen  

                   "Davin not only listens, he truly cares about the thoughts and opinions of ALL citizens."   - Patrick Ward

Amit Dharia
Anne Shelton Puente         
Susan Cohrs
Barry Raven  
Andy Greenburg
Jerry Sheaks   
Jim and Annie Hall 
Jean Shifflett  
Bill Hurlbert
Maureen Vanacore  
Randy Kemberling
Jeff & Pam Varnell  
Gene Liese
Greg Ward
Carmen Prince

Mike and Beth Wilcox               

“What a concept for elected officials to actually listen to their constituents! We certainly could use more honest, upstanding, and willing-to-actually-listen candidates.”